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Welcome to Malita Investments Online

Malita Investments p.l.c. was registered by the Government of Malta to operate on an independent and commercial basis, in an initiative aimed at contributing towards long-term investment development in our country in a partnership between the public and private sectors.

Since its incorporation, Malita Investments p.l.c. has been capitalised by the Government of Malta through a €25 million cash injection as well as through the transfer of the dominium directum of the International Airport and the Valletta Cruise Liner Terminal sites. As a result of these transfers, ground rents payable on these two properties are receivable by Malita Investments p.l.c..

Moreover, the Government of Malta granted the title of temporary emphyteusis over the new Parliament Building and the Open-Air Theatre to Malita Investments p.l.c.. These urban regeneration projects have been completed in November 2017 and October 2013 respectively with the former being completed earlier for operational purposes. In late 2017, the Company also made an additional investment in the Parliament Building. As a result of this investment, additional lease payments are receivable by Malita Investments p.l.c. on this site.

Malita Investments p.l.c. has identified a shortage in affordable housing units which are available to persons who cannot afford to purchase or lease their own residential home. Following discussions with the Government of Malta, Malita Investments p.l.c. has been awarded an emphyteutical grant on sites in return for annual ground rent. Malita Investments p.l.c. will be developing the sites into circa 680 apartments, 270 garages and 350 car spaces through debt financing obtained. This will lead to the issuance of one or more EU-wide open tenders to appoint third-party key contractors to build the sites.